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At Vicem Super Clean , we take privacy very seriously. The Personal Data We Process Depends on How You Use Our Services. We Use Personal Data To Provide Your Online Services According To Your Preferences, To Manage Requests, To Contact You About Products And Services You May Be Interested In. All Personal Data Is Processed In Compliance With Applicable Laws Regarding Data Protection. We communicate Personal Data to Third Parties Only to Help Us Provide You with Our Services and, if you explicitly authorize us, we communicate them to Affiliate Companies for Customer Relationship Management, Analysis and Marketing. With Your Agreement, We Use Cookies For Marketing, Performance And Statistical Purposes. If You Want More Information About How We Process Your Personal Data And About The Cookie Modules We Use, You Can Read The Full Version Of Our Privacy Policy Below. Our Privacy Principles We Treat Privacy With Very High Responsibility:

1 We Will Ensure That Your Personal Data Is Used In Compliance With Applicable Data Protection Laws.

2 We Will Be Transparent In Your Relationship To How We Use The Data With Personal Character.

3 We Will Give You Simple Options To Say "STOP" In Case You Are No Longer Satisfied With Our Marketing Communications.

4 We Will Take All Reasonable Measures To Protect Your Personal Data And To Ensure That It Is Not Accessed By Unauthorized Persons.

5 We Will Answer Questions Regarding The Processing Of Your Personal Data Without Unjustified Delays. Our Privacy Policy Last Updated: 2021 We Take All Steps to Protect Your Privacy Rights and Ensure That Your Personal Data Is Protected. The Privacy Statement Explains the Types of Personal Data We Collect and How We Process and Protect That Data in Relation to the Services We Provide. This includes Information Collected Offline In Our Stores Or Through Customer Support Services, As well as Online Through Our Websites, Applications (Including Mobile Applications) and Third Party Platforms ("Sites"). This Privacy Policy also applies to our targeted content, including online offers and advertisements for products and services, which you may see on websites, platforms and Third Party Applications ("Third Party Sites") Depending on Your Online Activity. These Third Party Sites may have their own Privacy Policies and Terms and Conditions. We encourage you to read them before using those third party sites. 1 WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT HAPPENS TO YOUR DATA? Collagenfoundation Responsible for the Processing of Your Personal Data on Our Sites. 2 HOW CAN I CONTACT THE DATA PROTECTION OFFICER? If You Have Questions About How We Process Personal Data, You Can Contact Us By Email Sales @ Collagenfoundation 3 WHAT IS PERSONAL DATA? Personal Data Means Information That Can Identify You Directly Or Indirectly ("Personal Data"). This Typically includes Information, such as Your Name, Address, E-mail Address, and Phone Number, but may also include other information, such as IP Address, Purchasing Habits, Health Information, and Beauty, Information About Your Lifestyle Or Preferences, Such As Hobbies And Interests. Health Information Is Called "Special Categories Of Personal Data", Which Require Special Protection Because Of Their Confidentiality. 4 WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU PROVIDE US WITH PERSONAL DATA? We collect your personal data directly in a number of ways, such as when you provide us with information to register as a customer on the site, when you subscribe to our newsletter, when you make a comment or when you send a request or when you contact the services Our Customer Support. When you provide us with personal data, we will process it in accordance with this Privacy Policy. If you do not wish to process our personal data in this way, please do not provide us with our personal information. We Process Your Personal Data To Provide You With Our Services As Explained Below. In Certain Situations, We Process Your Personal Data Only If You Have Offered Your Acceptance To Us For This, For example, In Most Cases Where We Process Your Personal Data For Marketing Purposes, Where We Use Cookies Or Location Data. Or In The Event That We Process Your Confidential Personal Information. In other cases, we may have other legal grounds for the processing of your personal data, such as the execution of the contract with you or legitimate interests, such as the prevention of fraud. If you become a member of one of our loyalty programs, it is possible to assume in a transparent manner that you would like us to process your personal data for marketing purposes. You can unsubscribe at any time from Marketing Communications without compromising your Loyalty Benefits. In the event that we process your personal data on the basis of your consent, we will request your explicit consent and only for a specific purpose. We Will Also Ask You To Give Us Additional Consent If We Have To Use Your Personal Data In Purposes That Are Not The Subject Of This Privacy Policy. See the Table in Section 6 for Details on the Different Types of Personal Data We May Collect, the Relevant Purposes, and the Legal Basis for Processing. 5 WHAT HAPPENS IF OUR CUSTOMER IS A CHILD? Our Site Is Intended For Adults, But There May Be Situations In Which Some Customers Under The Age Of 16 View Or Purchase Products On Our Sites. Unless we know that a customer is under the age of 16, we will not use his or her personal data for marketing purposes, unless we are provided with parental consent. To Provide Parental Agreement For Marketing Purposes, Please Ask Your Parent Or Guardian To Call Or Write Us Using The Collagenfoundation Contact Details Specified In Section 1 In Some Cases, We Will Assume Based On Your Actions That You Have Obtained The Parental Agreement . In this situation, we reserve the right to decide if you will receive our marketing communications until you reach the Eligible Age. Please note, however, that access to certain parts of our sites and / or eligibility to receive prizes, samples or other rewards may be limited to users of a certain age. We may use your personal data to perform age checks and to enforce such age restrictions. 6 FOR WHAT PURPOSES DO WE PROCESS YOUR PERSONAL DATA? 6.1 We process the following Categories of Personal Data for the following Purposes: - Browsing Our Sites - Purchasing / Agreeing with a Service - Customer Service - Recommending Products and Services You May Be Interested in - Contests and Games - Online Shopping - Loyalty Program - Fraud Prevention And Other Services Administrative, Such as Registration 6.2 Cookies and Similar Technologies We use Cookies and Similar Technologies ("Cookies") to Improve Our Products and Your Experience on Our Sites By Collecting Information About How You Use the Sites. Some of the Cookie Modules We Use Are Necessary To Enable The Basic Functionality Of The Site, For example, To Provide Secure Authentication Or To Memorize Where You Arrived With An Order, But We Also Use Cookie Modules Which allow us to analyze the use of the site (so that we can measure and improve performance), as well as cookie cookies for ads, which are used by advertising agencies to provide ads relevant to your interests. It Is Possible To Adapt Our Sites And Products To Your Interests And Needs, By Collecting Information About Your Device. And Correlating It With Your Personal Data To Ensure That Our Sites Give You The Best Web Experience. You Can View More Information About The Cookies We Use And You Can Adjust Your Preferences With The Help Of The Cookie Consent Tool Or On Our Sites. Keep in mind, however, that without cookies, you may not be able to use all the features of our online sites or services.

7 WITH WHOM DO WE SHARE YOUR PERSONAL DATA? 7.1 Our Service Providers We Share Your Personal Data with the following Data Processors (eg Service Providers Who Help Us To Perform The Above Activities): Relevant Reliable Companies That Directly Support Our Promotional Activities, Website Management And Loyalty Program, Especially For IT Management (Hosting, Maintenance And Testing). - Reliable Third Parties That Help Us Process And Analyze Your Personal Data On Our behalf, To Support Us When We Make Recommendations Of Products And Services You Might Be Interested In, In accordance With Section 6.1 Above. - Reliable Third Parties, If You Order A Product Or Service From Us, To Allow Payment And Delivery Of The Products And Services You Have Ordered. Unless you have given your consent, these trusted third parties are not authorized by us to use your personal data in any other way and we will ask them to implement appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect your personal data. - These Processors Are Obliged By Us To Comply With Strict Requirements, As Provided In Applicable Data Protection Laws, To Manage Your Personal Data Only For Us And To Comply With The Highest IT Security Standards. 7.2 Other Recipients We Share Your Personal Data With The Next Third Parties Who Process Your Data For Their Own Purposes (Eg These Third Parties Are Not Processors; They Use Your Personal Data Rather, Because They Have Their Own Interests Or Because You Have Expressed Your Consent ): - Interested Third Parties Who Will Send You Marketing Communications, But Only If You Have Agreed To Receive Such Communications From Them. - Law Enforcement Or Other Agencies, If Required By Law Or Warrant, Summons Or Judgment In Disclosure Of Your Personal Data. Remember that we never share your personal data with social media platforms. In case we start activities to build the audience or find the right customers with social platforms, such as Facebook or Google, your personal data is always anonymized before the transfer. If There Are Subsequent Changes And We Have To Share Your Character Data Personally With A Socialization Platform, We Will Ask For Your Consent. 7.3 Sharing Your Information About Using Your Site With Your Agreement, We Will Share Information About Using Your Site With Reliable Third Parties (eg Advertisers, Advertisers, Advertising Networks, Data Exchanges, etc.) For To Offer You Personalized Content That Might Interest You Based On Your Previous Activity On Our Site. These Third Parties May Set and Access Their Own Cookie Modules, Web Flags, and Similar Tracking Technologies on Your Device to Help Us Provide Personalized Content and Advertisements for You When You Visit Our Relevant Sites. See Section 6.2. For Additional Information About Cookie Modules And How To Cancel This Option. Please note that, even if you opt out of this option, you may still receive advertisements from us that are not personalized based on your information regarding the use of the Site.

8 IN WHICH COUNTRIES DO WE TRANSFER YOUR PERSONAL DATA? Many of our trusted third parties and many of the Group's companies are located in countries that offer an adequate level of data protection, such as the European Economic Area (EEA). When we transfer your personal data to a trusted third party or group company located in a country where data protection laws are not considered to provide the same level of protection, we guarantee adequate data protection measures based on Other Legitimate Means, Such As Privacy Shield Certification And / Or Standard Contract Terms. Further details on the Transfer Mechanism can be obtained from the Data Protection Officer (See Contact Details in Section 2).

9 HOW LONG DO WE PROCESS YOUR PERSONAL DATA? We will only store your personal data until the purposes mentioned above for which we have collected or received your personal data are met. Personally And After The Legal Obligations Regarding Record Keeping Expiry, As Described In Section 6.1

10 WHAT ARE YOUR RIGHTS? If Certain Requirements Are Met, You Have The Right: - To Obtain Confirmation From Us Whether Or Not We Process Your Personal Data And, If applicable, If We Access Your Personal Data; - To Correct Inaccurate Personal Data; - To Object To The Processing Of Personal Data; - To Restrict the Processing of Personal Data; And - Carry Personal Data - You receive Personal Data that you have provided to us in a structured, frequently used, and automatically readable form and that you may pass on to another Data Controller. You Can Find More Details About These Rights Here: http://www.Dataprotection.Ro/ To Exercise Your Rights, Contact Your Data Protection Officer (See Section 2 For Contract Details) Or Contact Our Customer Support At 40733 360 115 Please note that you do not need to contact your Data Protection Officer to exercise your right to stop receiving Marketing Communications from us. You may opt out of receiving these communications by accessing the Privacy Preferences in the "My Account" section, in the event that you have an account with us, directly from the communications we send you or by contacting our Customer Support Team

11 CAN YOU WITHDRAW YOUR CONSENT TO THE PROCESSING OF PERSONAL DATA? If Your Consent Is The Legal Basis For Data Processing You Personally, You Can Withdraw Your Consent For: - Marketing Communications: By Logging Into Your Account In Privacy Preferences Or Using The Unsubscribe Link From Our Marketing Communications. - Use of Cookies: With the Help of Our Consent Tool for Cookies at the Bottom of Our Sites. Other Purposes: By E-mailing us at Mgitotalsrl@Gmail.Com or Contacting Our Customer Support Services Specified in Section 10 Please note that Withdrawal of Consent Will Not Affect the Legality of Pre-Withdrawal Processing.

12 CAN YOU COMPLAIN TO THE DATA PROTECTION AUTHORITIES? If you consider that the processing of your personal data by us violates data protection laws, you can send a complaint to the competent supervisory authority, especially in the Member State where you have your habitual residence, place of work or product. Alleged Violation of the GDPR Rule.

13. HOW DO WE PROTECT YOUR PERSONAL DATA? We Maintain Appropriate Technical And Organizational Measures To Protect Your Personal Data You Provide Us Against Destruction, Loss, Modification, Unauthorized Disclosure Or Accidental Or Illegal Access.

14 CAN WE CHANGE OUR PRIVACY STATEMENT? We may change this Privacy Policy from time to time by posting an updated version of it here. We recommend that you visit this section frequently for information.

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